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Tunity developed the first mobile application of its kind which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions. Through a patented deep learning and computer vision technology, Tunity identifies a live video stream and its exact timing, syncing the audio with the user's mobile device. Tunity is used by people at bars, restaurants, gyms, universities, doctor's offices, airports and even at home to enjoy listening to TVs from their mobile devices. Based in New York City, Tunity is on a mission to revolutionize the out-of-home TV experience and transform the way brands engage with consumers

It’s so simple!


Scan the TV. Tunity syncs to
that channel's audio.


Stream the TVs audio directly to your
device. Hear what's happening in real time.


Through headphones or a speaker, you can now listen to any muted TV. In a bar, gym, airport, waiting area wherever you are, we've got you tuned in.


Let us help you improve your guest’s experience. Tunity provides an audio solution for out-of-home TV viewing in any type of location: bars, restaurants, gyms, universities, waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, airports and more. Join the Tunity community today by ordering our marketing kits!

Tunity helps you mute the audio problems at your venue – each customer can listen to audio without bothering staff, patrons or other guests. Moreover, offering Tunity at venues improves customer retention by up to 30%. With the FREE Tunity consumer app, all you need to do is raise awareness at your venue about this solution. Even that is simple – order our marketing kits with everything you need in one place.


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...TVs in bars are usually muted or, worse, the bar is piping out audio for the biggest game but you can't hear anything the announcers are saying ... With the free Tunity app on your phone, however, you can clearly hear any game in the bar...

...Mr. Davidson, an engineer by training, has created an app called Tunity that allows you to hold your cell phone up to a TV, scan the picture, and stream the audio through your phone...same could eventually be done with the signs in Times Square...

CBSLA.com Director BJ Dahl shares how the app "Tunity" allows you to hear audio from any muted TV directly on your smartphone. Watch how BJ shows you how Tunity makes your life easier, more productive and just a little more fun!

...In airport terminals, at gyms, bars and coffeeshops, hospital waiting rooms, and elsewhere, there are typically televisions tuned to the news, sports events or music videos, but with the sound turned off. You can rectify that with Tunity...

...announced a $12 million Series A funding round...existing investors, such as John Mack, former Morgan Stanley CEO, and Adam Neumann, Founder and CEO of WeWork, as well as new partners, including MGM Resorts International.

Muted TVs in airport terminals will talk to you — and that flat screen in your favorite bar will whisper the latest news or sports score in your ear, thanks to a new app quickly winning support from media and advertising executives.

Tunity is Proud to be Associated With

Tunity is Proud to be Associated With

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