The Audio Solution for Live TV in Your Venue

Why Tunity?


No bulky boxes, installs or expensive equipment needed


The only cost involved is the collateral you place in your venue, for as low as $20 you can be up and running!
Digital collateral available for free download!


Your guests enjoy a free app to download and use


The Quick Tune feature acts as a pre-scanned list of channels, making it easy for guests to walk in and choose a channel ready to use on the app


How It Works:

Think of it like Shazam for TV. Tunity’s image recognition technology analyzes and identifies a short scan of the TV you’re watching. Then, it matches the channel, syncs the timing and streams the audio directly to the device. In seconds, you can hear the TV you’re watching! Now connect your headphones or speaker and enjoy the show!

Tunity supports over 150 channels and constantly adds more. The complete up-to-date list is available within the app. Tunity does not support streaming services and pay-per-view shows. Some local content may not be supported yet.


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Compare Our Solution

 Tunity HearTV​ AppAudio Soundog Audio Fetch
Hardware Required None Yes, requires hearTV transmitter Yes, requires AppAudio transmitter Yes, requires Soundog transmitters and speakers - everyday charging necessary Yes, requires Audio Fetch transmitter
App Rating (as of 11/2019) App Store 4.6 (3505 reviews) Google Play 4.4 (10,367 reviews) App Store 4.1 (386 reviews) Google Play 2.6 (112 reviews) App Store 2 (67 reviews) Google Play 2.6 (228 reviews) App Store 3 (2 reviews) Google Play 2.7 (27 reviews) App Store 3.7 (36 reviews) Google Play 2.9 (167 reviews)
Requires WiFi for users / facility Cell data or WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invormative Collateral (signage for the venue) Available for download or printed Available for download only No collateral available. Mobile marketing tools only Not available Comes with package
Cost Fee app supports over 150 channels $299 for 1 channel $1250 for 4 channels Starting at $69 / month for 8 channels $1599 for 4 channels

How To Get Started:

First, choose the collateral that’s right for you. The minimum order is $20 and shipping is FREE!

Once you receive your order, place the collateral around your venue to draw your guests’ attention to download the free app

Train your staff about Tunity’s app so they can help guests with any questions!

Contact Us

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we’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

Contact Us

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

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